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A different type of game

Preachyr a posted Mar 22, 17

Hey Gamers,

Here at OrC we have a variety of people who play a variety of game. Today I want to highlight one type of game you may not have experienced much yet. It's name is Utopia, and it is a MMBBG or Massively Multiplayer Browser Based Game.

The game is entirely text based, and involves a lot of number crunching and keeping track of percentages and such. You are given a province of 200 acres to start off with, and it is up to you to grow that into an empire.

You are teamed up with up to 24 other provinces and together you form a kingdom. As a kingdom, you work together to grow, and you go to war against other kingdoms. During war you do attacks, cast spells, perform stealth operations, and launch dragons, all text based and using your browser window.

You can steal enemies food, runes (used to cast spells), money.. or assassinate thier wizards or thier soldiers, bribe thier generals to be less effective, and a number of other effects. For spells, you can cast fireballs to ravage enemy peasant populations, spread nightmares to cause enemy soldiers to quit, cause tornadoes to ravage the land and destroy buildings and all sorts of other hostile actions.

Building up your province involves creating new buildings, and gaining new land to build on. You can gain new land by exploring and settling at a cost of gold and soldiers, or by attacking enemies and capturing land from them. In a war, the kingdom that captures more land is the one that wins the war. You use your growth page to build buildings, and your military page to recruit your troops and thieves. 

The game started many years ago and is one of the longest running online games. Tyler and myself have been playing it off and on almost since it started, though I couldn't reliably tell you exactly when that was. It is a very social game and still retains a pretty large player base with roughly 3300 people currently playing. It is easy to pick up and come back to because of the variety of player races and personalities you can play, which each give unique perks and bonuses and effect your style of play.

The game goes through ages, and is currently in age 71. Each age lasts a few months and kingdoms fight to reach the top of the rankings in various categories. At the beginning of each age everyone is reset to start over, and at this point kingdoms reform, players come and go, tweaks are made to races and personalities, and everyone gets a fresh start either with thier old kingdom or taking a chance and joining a random new kingdom.

Overall, one of the more fun games that I've played, and certainly one of the less known genres of MMO gaming. 

Check it out at thier home page here.


Morpheus ORC so stronghold kingdoms meets warhammer?

OrC on BattleNet

Preachyr a posted Feb 1, 17

Hey All,

Just wanted to give a quick heads up for anyone that plays games on Battlenet, we have a Clan formed up for a little while now in Diablo 3.

A few of us play mainly Diablo 3, but also occasionally Overwatch, Star Craft 2, and some players are on WoW as well.

Joining up is simple, just look up Misterblight or myself on Bnet and message us or add us as friends.

Misterblight #1221

Preachyr #1656

We are not a competitive clan, its all casual and people do what they want but we all like partying up together. We like playing Hardcore mode in Diablo and arcade games in StarCraft, but generally have people open to everything and all skill levels.

Feel free to hop in and join us!